Vogue - "Interpol’s Paul Banks Fronts a Gothic Collection From a Young Upstart"

“References like the sort-of brooding alt bands of the 2000s and Tim Burton’s Sleepy Hollow are both new and nostalgic—as is the music of Interpol..."

Vogue - "The New Names to Know from NYFW's Spring 2021"

“An alum of Matthew Williams’s Alyx operation in Italy, American designer Carter Altman brings a similar subversion to tropes of U.S. style..."

New York Times - "Diversity: A Movement, Not a Moment"

“...The 22-year-old Carter Young designer, took the heroic masculinity of white style “icons” like Steve McQueen and Peter Fonda and transposed it in his presentation onto models of color (and either gender)..."

New York Times - "Men’s Wear Flies Its Freak Flag"

“I don’t think there really is a right time to start a business," Carter Altman said Monday before his presentation at the kickoff of New York Fashion Week..."

WWD - "Carter Young Spring 2021"

"Designer Carter Altman aimed to recontextualize classic American tropes for the 21st century..."

WWD - "New York Fashion Week.."

"Carter Young who showcased his craftsmanship skills in Fifties-inspired military uniform and military-style jackets and track jackets..."

The Impression - "Review of Men’s Day Of NYFW Spring 2021"

"The clothes don’t seem trendy. Despite being made from old and existing fabrics, they don’t feel vintage.  Rather, they are the kind of clothes that you seem to have always had somewhere..."

Garage Magazine - "The Radical Youth..."

"The radical youth just want to wear a suit! Carter Altman is one month out of NYU and making precision suiting out of deadstock military fabric under the name Carter Young: handsome jackets with structured shoulders and loose, unfixed bodies on both men and women..."


Mr. Magazine - "Ones To Watch: Carter Young"

"Drawing a loyal following to its mix of classical menswear fabrics and detailing on more casual, unisex styles, Carter Young is a brand on the rise. Having most recently showed during New York Fashion Week in September, the brand received praise for its non-traditional take on menswear staples..."

NSS Magazine - "6 Emerging Brands..."

"An American brand specialized in unisex clothes that bases its aesthetics on the codes of workwear and the American one that presented its latest collection at New York Fashion Week. His very classic and discreet garments, yet always have a less convivial detail than the others..."